In 1985 the ambition and determination of an entire family, began to build a business project that with the passage of time has emerged as a benchmark in the regional and national horticulture.


The store Frutas Bolaños Hermanos Fernández is consolidated as one of the largest distributors of fruit and vegetables throughout the Spanish geography.


A distribution network must be added the own production of watermelon, melon, onion, potato, grapes, olives and cereal, an activity that takes place along its more than 500 hectares of land distributed among the municipalities of Granátula, Moral, Bolaños de Calatrava, Almagro, Daimiel o Manzanares.


In addition to its commercial expansion throughout Spain, outstanding is its business relevance outside our borders, since its index of exports is projected onto countries like Germany, France, Italy and Portugal.


80 suppliers portfolio and more than 200 direct customers, Frutas Bolaños Hermanos Fernández continues to work with its more than 40 employees to provide the best service in the wholesale and retail level.


Put on your table the freshest and natural, with the commitment of a family business products.

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